ERMC Congrats The Winner of KUSOM Football

Nirman Sanchar, KTM | ERMC had taken a part of Football competition which was organized by Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) on 15th Dec, 2018.

ERMC had given Congrats to all their team for winning the second Positions on this competition.

Players got cash prize and medals. ERMC said that, We are extremely content with the immense achievement. Likwise, ERMC Congrats to every individual players and management team for the incredible outcomes.

Puskar Khadka is the team Manager of Social Development Expert.

The Players are as follows:

1. Team Captain- Nikesh Bastukala

2. Binaya Giri

3. Samir Basukala

4. Srijan Bashukala

5. Robust Gwachha

6. Rajesh Shakya

7. Saroj Suwal

8. Nagendra Mahotara




Tues, 18 Dec, 2018